Looking Back At Technology

The world is constantly on the move looking for the bigger and better option.  In our modern world we get new cell phones every few months, computers increase in complexity and technology and some of the simplest tasks now have an app.  As we live in this high-tech modernized world it can quickly become apparent that the past is slipping away from us.  Before we move forward, it is important that we take a look back and really appreciate what it is that brought us here.


One thing that we take for granted is clocks.  When looking at early american tall case clocks cranbury nj we tend to forget that this is what we used to use to tell time.  Today, most people will have an Apple Watch or some type of fancy digitized piece of technology.  However, when we see these great pieces of art, we can’t help but wonder how people got along without the modern technology of today.

From the invention of the clock we had the base technology for a lot of other devices.  The engine for the car you drive is based off of a clock.  The engine has a specific timing in which elements happen.  These elements are the connection of the spark plugs to the fumes of the gas we burn for fuel.  Others is the speed in which the wheels turn.  If we turn too fast or too slow then we could miss a specific area of road or even get hit by another vehicle.

early american tall case clocks cranbury nj

Another piece of technology you want to be thankful for are telephones.  With telephones we were able to start communicating over long distances very quickly with our voice.  These phones have led to advancements in other technologies such as the Internet. 

Before the next decade finishes and we are another ten years ahead in technological developments, take the time to look back at the past.  For moving forward there is nothing that will be possible without what has already happened.